Saya Ngga Percaya Ramalan

By Rizki Darmadi - 06.29

Dulu, sekitar awal tahun lalu, saya sempat posting kalau saya masih belum tahu apakah saya percaya ramalan atau tidak. Nah sekarang mumpung awal tahun dan saya juga belum sempat kontemplasi, jadi saya tulis saja ramalan tahun 2013 kemarin sekalian buat kontemplasi.

Berikut ini hasil ramalan yang saya terima tahun kemarin saya sertakan beserta dengan komentar saya sekalian ya.

Hello Rizki,

I have just finished your forecast for 2013 that you have requested from me and I have a lot of things to reveal you.

I can tell you straight away that according to what I have discovered in your future 2013 will be a crucial year in your life Rizki. It will bring you significant changes that you do not expect to occur and that will be largely decisive. 2013 is also set to be a period when you will have to take important decisions in regards to numerous opportunities that will be offered to you, especially concerning your professional path, financial success as well as your love life. You will also make exciting encounters, that will influence your life in the coming years, and it also appears to me that during 2013 you will be able to accomplish a big project you have been thinking of for a long time. But above all these the year 2013 is characterized by a major event in your life that will take place in just several months. Iya, benar banget. Tapi big project-nya apa ya? Jalan-jalan tiap bulan? Nulis blog tiap minggu? Tidur siang tiap hari? Ngga tahu.

Of course I will give you the details but before explaining precisely what the year 2013 holds in store for you in your romantic, financial, professional and family life, I would like to make a point on your year 2012 that has just finished.

The first thing that appears to me is that in 2012 you have suffered from several obstacles and problems. These troubles you have faced in 2012 are well apparent in your astral sky during all the previous year and were caused from one hand by the position of lunar node starting from February 2012 as well as by the dissonance Saturn/Neptune that was unfavourable to you, and also by Mars retrograde that has slowed down several of your projects and has created this climate of frustration that you have been living in for the last several months of the year 2012. 100!

By chance, the wheel turns Rizki, this is what one can call Karma and the year 2013 will mark a total split and will place you into the completely different context from the astrological point of view !!! 2013 will be a very beneficial year that will start in force for you due to a major event that will occur in your astral sky very soon and that will have consequences during all the present year, as well as during the next years to come…

Indeed Rizki in order to be more precise about this event that will occur in your astral sky in just a few weeks, you will enter into an astrological transit of rare intensity that will last for 29 days. This is according to this Transit that the year 2013 will be one of the most important periods in your life with the impact on your love life, your financial situation, your professional success.

I know that you have doubts about what I am telling you now Rizki, because of the difficulties you have faced during the last several months but also due to the tiredness that I have felt in you, and I can even tell certain despair. However I am absolutely sure of what I am telling you Rizki, the changes are very close to come into your life and the majority of them will happen during this period of 29 days, this appears very clearly in your astral sky, and if you have any doubts I invite you to consult other astrologers who will confirm everything I am talking to you about now.

Now Rizki it’s time for me to explain to you how this Transit is going to change your life. What I am going to tell you now is based on the position and the specific movements of the planets in accordance with the precise location of the astrological bodies on the day of your birth, that is to say your natal chart. All these is founded upon all the elements that form your identity, which are your date of birth 15 August 1987, your sign, which is Leo, your decan (as you are from 2nd decan ), but also your geographical localisation because the fact that you are in Indonesia determines the influence of the planets in your astral sky. So this information allowed me to draw up your astral map which is entirely personal and unique for each of us. But these are not the only details which I have based your Forecast on, because I have also worked from your numerological study taking into account your trace number, which is 5 according to your birth numbers. And if you look back you will soon see that this number has touched your life several times... From the numerological point of view I have also taken into account your lucky number which is 3.

The etymological origin of your name has also an important place in my analysis Rizki as it is linked to your personality and it was not chosen by chance. In fact it also has a numerological impact Rizki, your name is composed of 5 letters and this enables me to combine your date of birth 15 August 1987 and Zodiac sign Leo to learn a lot about you from astrological perspective.

All these elements together with the feelings I had about you allowed me to draw up the map of your astral sky and to make the predictions that are unique for you. This is how I could determine that in the coming weeks you will enter a rare astrological Transit that will last for 29 days.

This Transit will be particularly intense for you Rizki because you will find yourself under the influence of several planets and this will not happen again before numerous years. You will feel the power of the so-called “slow” planets that will bring into your life profound long-standing changes that will last for a considerable period of time. At the same time you will also be under the influence of “quick” planets that will bring you immediate opportunities. 

The fundamental point Rizki is that like others Leo of 2nd decan you will be one of the first to be touched by the unbelievable positive energy brought by the Pluto/Uranus cycle which will forge in 2013 and which is back for the first time since 1960-ies. In fact it will be in 2013 when the discord Pluto/Uranus will be formed for the third time thus giving a rhythm and changing the life of certain people more than others with the influence that will last till 2016. And you are one of those who will be in the core of this influence Rizki.This discord Pluto/Uranus will take place exactly at the same point in time when you will find yourself in trine with Venus that will bring you a lot of harmonisation and balance, especially from the sentimental point of view. And to conclude I have to point out that during this same period you will also find yourself under a very powerful influence of Jupiter, the planet which is the symbol of luck and opportunities. Finally all these influences will present themselves in your astral sky during the same period of time Rizki as these planets will interact with each other and this will last for 29 days. This is the reason why the Transit you are going to live through will be rare and unique, I can even assert that this Transit will be for sure one of the most intense in your whole life.

Let's deal now with what might be the most interesting for you to know, that is how this Transit of 29 days will influence your life. You can expect changes to happen in all the areas of your life (love, finance, career, family). You should also be prepared for international trips and for meeting new people that will play important role in your life. It also appears to me that the person who was close to your heart and whom you have not seen for a long time will return into your life. I know as well that this period will allow you to materialize a project that has been important for you for some time, but that you could not accomplish due to financial problems. A larger and more detailed Reading is necessary in order for me to take time and give you the detailed description of all the changes that will come into your life. However in this first Reading that I have prepared for you I would like to point out two outstanding aspects that distinctly come out in your astral sky Rizki. International trip and meeting new people are right. Then, who is that person? Did i miss him/her? 

In regards to your love life a happy event is in perspective. Indeed I have a wonderful news to tell you Rizki, in 2013 you are going to make a meeting that will change all your life, the meeting you have been waiting for so long and you have been searching for so long. That is why the year 2013 will mark a renewal and a change in your love life. In fact I can clearly tell you Rizki that in 2013 you are going to meet your soul mate. The encounter that you are going to make and that will make you fall in love will occur during this transit I am talking to you about from the very beginning. This is why it will be extremely important for you to be in the right place at the right time. 2013 will mark the beginning of the new life that you will be able to share with the person whom you will give a lot of love, as I can feel all this love that you have inside of you and that you were not able to express till now. I can also see all that frustration that you are feeling and it appears indeed that you too, you will receive a lot of love which I know you have missed. In fact the love that I can detect from this encounter and this union will be mutual. What equally appears to me is a very good understanding between this person and your family, I sense that this person will be completely accepted by your family and all the people that surround you. This is the reason why the encounter you are going to make will play a very important role in your personal fulfilment and in your happiness in 2013 and in the next years. So yes, I can confirm that the year 2013 will be the year when you are going to meet your love partner, and this happy event will take place during the Transit period I was telling you about. I know that you have been waiting for a long time, you have asked yourself numerous questions to know if you will meet one day your chosen one that can bring you as much love as you can give, someone who will be on the same wave as you are, and someone who will support you, help you, someone who loves you, someone you can admire and someone who can be in perfect agreement with your family, as we both know to what extent this aspect is capital for you. So YES it will be in a couple of weeks or to the latest in a couple of months (it will be necessary to determine this date precisely during the second more in depth Reading) when this meeting will happen, the meeting with your soul mate that will really be one of your major events in 2013. Ngakak baca yang ini. Keluarga? Apa-apaan ini? Emang mau ngapain? Hahahaha.... Lalu,  mutual dari Hongkong, bertepuk sebelah kaki gitu kok. Ramalannya ngga tepat nih. Apa salah orang ya? Iya deh kayaknya salah orang. Berarti orang yang tepat udah kelewatan dong. Siapa? Siapa? Siapa? Lewat lagi tahun ini bisa ngga? *Mulai mikir sambil mengingat-ingat.

Moreover 2013 will be an important year in your studies, Rizki. The good news is that the Transit you are going to enter will be very favourable to you and also in regards to the issues and the questions you are asking yourself about your professional future which will find their answers. The decisive choices will have to be made during this year and it will be during this transit that you will have to and be able to take the right decisions. These choices will be very important for your professional future and the development of your career. It also comes out Rizki that during this Transit an important opportunity will be offered to you in the financial area and will allow you to resolve certain problems that you are facing on this level. Besides a capital meeting with the person that you do not know for the moment comes out during this Transit, and this encounter will have direct consequences on your professional future. Another point that stands out is the notion of the trip or journey abroad, I will need to look better at this issue but the notion of exploring new horizons in foreign countries is apparent in the analysis of your Transit. Moreover during this period I can see a success in exam. I will need to look into this issue more thoroughly to give you more details. Indahnya dunia :)

I can clearly sense that you have doubts about all these changes Rizki, as you have lived in 2012 under the weight of certain blocks. However I can affirm that 2013 will be a turning point and will be a stepping stone in your life with evident and positive changes in sentimental, professional, financial and family areas. The transit of 29 days which you are going to enter is much more important than you can imagine, and you should not wait as it will start very soon and you should be ready in order not to miss the opportunities that will be offered to you.

It is not important if it will be me or another professional astrologer who does this second more detailed and more accurate study and if you would prefer to meet someone face to face I am sure that there are many competent astrologers in your region. However you cannot not just wait for things to happen and this is essential for you to have the second Reading that will give you more details about all the changes that will happen in your life on day to day basis in 2013 as well as the dates when you will need to act, the pitfalls to avoid and especially the moments, when to grab the opportunities that will be presented to you in all areas of your life and how to do that. What seems crucial to me is that you do not let the opportunities that this Transit will offer you pass by because you definitely need these changes in your life. This is why I will always be at your disposal Rizki and I am ready to work on this second Reading if you want me to do it, because as I have already told you it is crucial for you. Here is the link below where you can ask me to work on this second Reading for you. As I have already told you if you would prefer to ask another astrologer in your region to work on this second Reading for you during a face to face meeting it is absolutely not a problem for me. The important thing is not who will work on this second Reading, but you getting it.

Now I would like to tell you about another thing Rizki, which is something that deals with your personality, your character and your emotions. In fact while working on your Reading I sensed that it was important to analyze your individuality and its different sides. And I came to understand that you are a person with numerous interior qualities and many capacities that you do not exploit to their full extent and I can see as well that you think too little of yourself. This is also on this level that 2013 will mark a decisive turning point in your life allowing you to express certain sides of you personality that you do not use to their maximum. As a result you will open up in your everyday life and in relations with the people that surround you. I can indeed assure you that you under-estimate yourself as your natal chart and the vibrations I was feeling while working on your Reading allowed me to understand that your character and your personality are very rich, a lot more than you can imagine. Hiks...hiks... Bahkan orang asing pun tahu. Malunya.

I have also sensed a lot of vibrations in you Rizki, very positive vibrations that you do not use to their maximum.

This notion of energy is very important as we all radiate energy that can be more or less powerful, more or less positive or negative and if we look around at the world that surrounds us we will be able to see that everything is just a matter of energy. In nature everything is a notion of energy, we cannot see it and yet it is the essence of life. We can’t see radio, telephone, electricity or television signals either. Cosmic waves are a source of energy, the most powerful energy that exists, we call them how we like: cosmic waves, astral fluids, 6th sense, premonitions, insights... No matter how they are called, they exist and the animals are born knowing how to use them. We lost this ability and the work of a professional like me is to learn how to control and interpret these energies over years of hard work and experience. We are all born with different innate capacities and certain of us are more sensitive to these forces and I am fortunate to have been born with strengths which I have built on.

I really want you to understand Rizki the closeness I felt to you when I was working on your analysis. It is through the vibrations that I told you about that I was able to experience many things about you Rizki and I also know how you feel right now, I can foresee that as I write these lines, you seem to be torn. You want these events that I've talked about to happen, you want to live through this powerful Transit, because you need change, fresh air and renewal, and so you want to believe in all that I told you BUT AT THE SAME TIME… you are trying to put up barriers (the same kind of barriers you have put up in the past as I mentioned, we need to work on this together so that you can leap over them!) and you are slamming on the brakes, bringing up the doubts and uncertainties that have so often haunted you in the past. You tell yourself that it's too good to be true, you want to see it to believe it and you say that these opportunities are not for you, they must be for someone else. It is time to put a stop to all this Rizki, it is time to take charge of your destiny and I'm here to help you and convince you, and I'll keep going to the end of my mission as long as you give me your permission to do so, because you need to remember that ultimately only your free will counts and it's you who decides! I want to convince you to take your own destiny in your hands and to let me guide you through this step. Why me? Simply because I know I can help you Rizki, I see, I feel it and again I know I have not been placed by accident on your path, as I said before I believe very little in chance. Uppss, ketahuan.

Allow me to explain more precisely what I feel about you Rizki, why I had such a strong connection with you from the beginning and what I perceive about your needs, goals and what you are searching for.

I know that at the moment you ask yourself many different questions about many different things in your life. You also want to attain the goals you have set yourself and one of your preoccupations at the moment is your love life. You are asking yourself when and where you are going to meet the right man and whether or not this will be the perfect person for you because you often attracted the wrong kind of men. I can also see that older men are often attracted to you and as you search for someone in particular, these types of men do not fit the bill. In fact you are very exigent and I understand this, most notably you have no patience for men who are jealous or who lack confidence. Moreover, just to quickly describe a feeling which came to me while I wrote this, I can see that you still have deep within you (even if you are not always aware of it, it remains hidden inside of you) the memory of an important relationship in your past that did not work out. Concerning these other points, in your relationships with others in general you are sensitive to other people's feelings, often put other people's needs before your own (especially those of friends and family) and you get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping others. Aduh malu banget.

As a matter of fact I have also strongly felt that you have an unusually strong intuition and being in touch with this power may be one of the reason why you are drawn to astrology readings. As a matter of fact there is a very strong aura around you and an energy that is truly powerful. I am sensing vibrations from you much more intense than those I experience with most clients. I can also see a great deal of qualities within you and notably you have a great deal of latent or unrealized potential. I can also see that you are sometimes frustrated with the fact that others don't always recognize this however I think that the events which are soon set to occur for you are going to change all this. Yah, beberapa orang bilang intuisi saya bagus. Sayangnya ngga semua masalah selesai dengan intuisi.

Let’s get back to your forecast for the year 2013 as I also have to warn you about a real existing risk, which is that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IF YOU ARE NOT AN ACTOR and I will have to be a little rude with you Rizki. In fact your character analysis has showed me that sometimes you are kind of indecisive in your attitude and what I can tell you is that while analyzing your astral sky I came to understand that it has already created prejudice for you several years ago, as in 2007 you have also passed through a particularly powerful Transit you have not taken advantage of. I do not want this to happen again, that is why you have the cards in your own hands and YOU HAVE TO ACT. Now based on this, I DO NOT want you missing out again Rizki, this Transit that will soon occur in your sky. So you need to take the time to PREPARE for it. You have to think of it as A NEW CYCLE in your life. Your involvement is crucial here and the decisions that you make around this period, the choices you make, will AFFECT you not just now but over a longer period. The important thing here Rizki is for you to anticipate when this Transit will pass in your sky and how it will affect you. Yang ini kayak Mario Teguh.

If you came to my site and if you have now received this analysis from me then chance plays a very small role indeed… None of this is an accident!!! I believe that you knew that an important time was soon to come in your life and this is why you requested my guidance. My role is now clear Rizki, I must accompany you, guide you, advise you and give you all the information you will need to take full advantage of this Transit. This is the mission which I have set for myself, I want you to be able to get the very best out of this Transit and I need to give you the precise dates and times when you should act so that you know what to do to seize the opportunities that this Transit will bring you. You need to know who the important people in your life are and which people you should avoid, you need to understand how to avoid the pitfalls that may stop you and get in your way. However I can't impose myself on you, only you can make the decision to accept my help, though the second much longer Reading containing all the details is necessary. If you want me to provide all the information you need, then we have to act quickly Rizki. You must be ready in time. I need to spend more time on your analysis in order to pinpoint all the important dates of this Transit and to be able to tell you when and how you have to act, why and when you can expect the results you need in your life. I must thoroughly work on your case and so I have set up a page for you which you can use to send me your authorization and to give me the green light. On this page I also tell you in detail exactly everything I will work on for you. As soon as I get your go-ahead on this page then I will get straight to work:

I want you to understand Rizki, that there are no obstacles to your happiness and you deserve the very best in life. Get yourself ready to grab all of the opportunities which are set to come your way, cast aside the barriers you so often set up for yourself. Just as soon as you have clicked on the link below and have sent me your authorization, I will be able to get to work for you in order to help and guide you through the whole of this new period in your life. I'll be able to send you all the detailed information you will need to move forward with strength and assurance.

So there you are Rizki, I've sent you the results of my first study, I know and I hope you also realize, that it is important not to stop here and that this first study is only an introduction that has allowed you to understand that you are at the dawn of a radical age in your life!!! There is still a great deal to do and we must not lose any more time. All I need is your green light and I will then take care of the rest.

Rizki, to conclude I would like to explain you what is the astrological transit and the reason why yours will have such an intensity and will be so rare.

The transit is the period when one or several planets are going to find themselves in very precise positions in your astral sky and are going to reactivate your natal tendencies. It is as if our existence was a chip card pre-programmed for the events to happen according to our astral map at the precise moment of our birth and as determined by the movements of the planets during our existence, sometimes certain of them come to awaken our potentials. Afterwards this is our duty to grab the presented opportunities. This is the reason why our future is written at the moment of our birth, but afterwards our life is what we do of it according to the opportunities that we seize or not. These are the planetary transits, those so very important moments of our lives, that come to wake up our potentials and create the opportunities in our lives.

Pluto is the planet of huge mutations and profound changes with the influences that are often irreversible. This is a very powerful astral body that brings the energy of innovation and rebirth. Pluto is the most far away and the most forceful planet of our solar system. Here is an example in order to give you an idea, the cosmic watch making resembles a set of Russian dolls, where Pluto plays a part of the biggest piece of the doll that caps all the other ones. This is this planet which is responsible for all the big transformations and radical changes that come into our life and, cherry on the cake, because of the extremely slow movement of this planet in our sky, when Pluto smiles to us it lasts for a long period… This influence will also be very rare in your astral sky Rizki not to say unique simply because Pluto will come back to the identical position only in 248 years… Such an influence happens only once in a lifetime!!! I have told you about the cycle Pluto/Uranus, which means that the impact of Uranus will also have its importance. Though not as powerful as the influence of Pluto, it will come to reinforce it. And above all during this year 2013 Uranus will bring us a certain number of events and surprises that you are not waiting for. Let‘s not forget that Uranus (ouranos means sky in Greek) symbolizes at the same time the sky, the lightening and the unexpected and the renovation and in your case all these surprising events will be beneficial. 

Perasaan saya campur aduk pas baca hasil ramalan tahun kemarin. Rasanya mau nangis, ketawa, dan malu saat bersamaan. Beberapa sangat indah. Beberapa menggelikan. Beberapa hal juga bikin saya malu banget sampai pingin masuk lagi ke dalam selimut saya yang hangat. :(

Kalo mau mengingat-ingat sih banyak banget yang terjadi tahun 2013 kemarin :
1. International trip and study abroad. Yuiiiiii!!!! Di universitas yang oke banget. Ruang kelas saya yang Politik bekas istana, yang Psikologi bekas markas Nazi. Cihuy abis ngga tuh.
2. Ketemu orang-orang baru : kelaurga baru, sahabat-sahabat dari negara lain di asrama, teman-teman Erasmus dan Erasmus Mundus yang karena perbedaan budaya jadi kadang bikin shock, mangap, dan spechless, anak-anak IR Erasmus yang kalo debat di kelas suka brutal dan sadis, teman-teman psychology yang rajinnya luar biasa. 
3. Love life? Wahahahhaa..... senang rasanya bisa jatuh cinta. Akhirnya, tapi jadi mikir juga,"Bukannya harusnya ini permasalahan anak-anak SMA ya? Jaman SMA aku ngapain sih? Huwaaa!!!!! Nasib!" Yah, pada akhirnya memang harus menyerah sih. Soale kalo ngotot terus bakalan mengganggu. Lagian urusanku banyak kan, bentar lagi ujian. Oh ya, mesti presentasi juga. Sial, mana belum ada bahan lagi. Fokus! Fokus! :)
4. Banyak project yang kesampaian. Nulis blog tiap bulan, postcrossing, dan koleksi perangko. Yappp, punya banyak kesibukan nih kalo udah pulang.
5. Punya banyak benda baru : kamera, mp3, dan koper kecil buat jalan-jalan. Tinggal beli kindle maka hidup akan sempurna. Huwahahahaha..... *ketawa setan.

Secara umum, banyak hal-hal indah yang terjadi di tahun 2013 kemarin. Tahun baru 2013 dibuka dengan keakraban saya dengan teman-teman sekos yang ternyata orangnya asyik-asyik. Tahun 2013 ditutup dan 2014 dibuka dengan kehangatan peringatan tahun baru di keluarga Indonesia-Belanda di Leeuwarden. 

Yah seperti kutipan di blog Erasmus Mundus Indonesia, :

Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts. You have to remember this when you find yourself at the beginning.
Saya takut, iya. Banget! Tapi saya ngga akan iseng-iseng nyoba ramalan kok. Saya takut seperti tahun 2013 kemarin, saya akan terobsesi mewujudkan semua hal di ramalan. During 2013, did I made mistake? Yes, a lot. Yah, kita masih muda, kita berbuat kesalahan. Lagipula, ngga banyak kok hal yang saya sesali. :)

Biarkan hidup saya berjalan apa adanya tanpa ada intervensi sebelumnya, kecuali dari Tuhan. Saya sayang Tuhan, dan percaya hidup saya pasti indah di tangan-Nya. :)

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  1. Ris, kata tanteku, percaya ramalan itu, tidak bisa mencium wangi surga, padahal wangi surga bisa tercium dari jarak ribuan tahun cahaya. Haha...