Baby it's cold outside*

By Rizki Darmadi - 21.38

And other reasons why it's better to stay home :
1. I have many assignments to do this week.
     a. Essay for Fashion Class
     b. Essay for Ethics Class
     c. Movie review for Pop Class
     d. Note for BBB Class
     e. Presentation and essay for Love Class
2. I have to stay healthy in this crazy months. I have class everyday from morning till evening. It is impossible to import Mbah Sini, my favorite massager, here.
3. Saving enough money to do my dream next year. I have to grab something that already lost years ago. I hope I still have chance.
4. Enjoying me time in my desk, just looking at the first snow in Warsaw through the window is enough. 

First snow in Warsaw, this years

5. I need much time to think and writing. I look at my lists, and there are almost two pages things that have to be written this week.

* Song title by Louis Armstrong.

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