First of May

By Rizki Darmadi - 23.42

It is not a song. I just want to share somethings that have happened to me in the first week of may. Some of them were happy moments,  but some were full of anxiety.

1. I get a scholarship to study abroad. Matur nuwun, Gusti Pangeran.  I've wanted this scholarship badly since November last year.
2. When I apply for that scholarship, I wrote that I need to study Psychology because my thesis is about human behavior. As the time goes, everything is changing. I forget my first thesis plan. Recently, I also has an idea to change my thesis topic into political ecology because both of my supervisors are expert in this area. Now, as I am able to studying Psychology again, I have to change my thesis topic again. Oh God, I am really confused.
3. Actually I'm not sure that I have been accepted for this scholarship. I read again the website and found out that the quota for my target group is just TWO persons from all Asian. And one of them is ME! God, If You are kidding, this is really really really mean.
4. I have not studied yet for my two examination for this Friday. I also has an assignment to be finished tonight.
5. I miss Jogja.
    The website that I usually open recently : Shitlicious.
    The book that I read today                   : Anak Kos Dodol 
6. This evening, I bought myself a flower. A rose.

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