The November

By Rizki Darmadi - 01.17

This time I will say apologize toward myself because I violated my own promise to write at least one writing every month. The only reason was because of my laziness. T_T

Many things had happened in this November. Most of them were happiness moments. Many dreams came true in this month. Thanks God, the only deity I believe in.
1. I had a graduation party. Horray!!!!
2. Septi became Dyah Magetan 2012. Finally, the dream that look impossible in the past became possible now.
3. I met my first love and (you know what happened?) maybe I did not fall  for him anymore. My heart beat did not run faster when I saw him smile. Finally, my craziness toward him went away forever. I felt happy and sad together. Happy because I could try to love other guy and sad because I lost him. It is ok! I can try seeking a new love life. Wakakaka.....
4. All of my friend in Yogyakarta accepted my new appearance. Although they did not support me, I know that they still wanna be my friends. Actually I love their reaction toward it.
5. Maybe, my friend love him. What should I do? Is it ok if I act like I know nothing?
6. I applied for IELTS Test in the middle of December 2012. I hope I will have score more than 6.5.
7. I have an academic crisis! Hiks...hiks...hiks...
8. I applied for many job. I really hope that I can earn my own money for life.
9. I did my proposal for thesis in the first semester. What a great time!
10.The IELT course in TBI will be ended next week. We already had the test simulation and next week we will get the feed back.

That a few things that had happened in November. I hope that December will be better. Thank God for everything and also for the rain.

Rizki Darmadi Mayangsari

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