Reminiscing The Past in Djawa Book Store (Toko Buku Djawa)

By Rizki Darmadi - 08.30

It'd been awhile since I wanted to go to this book store that located in Jalan Braga 79, Bandung to buy some old postcards. Didn't know the exact location, I tried walking from the south of Jalan Braga (Jalan Asia Africa). Now, Jalan Braga is not a comfortable place for pedestrian because there is a pipe excavation in this street. It's actually dangerous because I had to walk in the same location with cars, motorcycle, etc.

I asked somebody because it seemed that I already walked quite far and didn't find the store. Many buildings in Jalan Braga didn't have the number sign on their wall that made me afraid if I already passed the store and I didn't know. That man said that I had to walk across street. Toko Buku Djawa was still far. Then I continue walking. 

Street in front of Toko Buku Djawa

After walking for awhile, finally I found the book store. Its location is close to Braga Mall.  If you want to go there by walking, it's better if you go from the north. It's closer than if you walk from Jalan Asia Afrika.

When imagining Toko Buku Djawa, I thought that it would be a big book store. But Toko Buku Djawa is just a small book store. It reminded me of some book stores in Uniwersitet area in Warsaw, Poland, even the position of the door of book store.

I entered the book store then I found many postcards there. The postcards on display area were same with postcards that were sold in Kantor Pos Asia Afrika (Asia Afrika post office) but the price was more expensive. The owner asked and I just replied that I want to buy some old postcards. She went to the cashier desk and gave me some series of postcards. At that time, there were 3 series, one was Asian African Conference postcard series, but unfortunately, I forgot the 2 of them. I chose the Asian African series. One series cost IDR 50.000 (Around 5 Dollar) for 6 old postcards.

 The Asian African postcards series

I also went to the bookshelfs and found out that most of the books there were not popular books. I mean they're not the common books that you will find in Gramedia, Toga Mas, Rumah Buku, or another book store. The books were unique. Their collection including Literature books, Philosophy books, children and tale books, etc. They have books in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and even Sundanese. They also have many greeting and celebration cards. 

Their books collection

The owner is very friendly and nice. She allowed me to take some picture in the book store. The books store made me imagining Bandung in the colonial era where some upper classmen came to the book store for some school books or just novels and then they had chatting with their friend while their hand was holding a book.

Actually, I wanted to look around for awhile because there were many uncommon books there, I may want to buy one or two books, but because I was the only visitor there, all the book store staff kept looking at me. It made me little uncomfortable. After purchasing my postcards, I decided to go home then maybe came back later for their other series of old postcards.


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