True or False

By Rizki Darmadi - 22.43

Last week, I got an assignment in my English Course to write two stories about my childhood. One story is the true and another is false. I wrote them and nobody in my class knew the false one. They thought that both of the stories were true

Now, I share both of the two stories and you can guess which one is the true/false. If you know me so well, you may know. :)

Story 1
I have a stage anxiety that I find it difficult to stand in front of many people. Not knowing when it started, I only remember clearly that when I was in six grade of Elementary School, I took part in a drama. My teacher and friends chose me as a main lead in that drama. We did practice everyday for two months. I was fine with the practices, but everything was different on the real stage. In the night of performance, I completely forgot some of my lines. So, I gave my friends signal with my eyes, some of them understood, some did not. I was so confused that I did not know what to do. I was happy when finally the drama ended. In the backstage, I did not dare to look at my teacher's and my friends' eyes. I was grateful that my teacher smiled to me and said everything was okay. I felt really guilty. 

Story 2
When I was in Junior High School, I took part in literature club. We had meeting every week in the library. We shared the review of the book that we had read in that week. The others gave questions or just comments about the books. We also wrote that review in the blog. In the end of the academic year, we held some competitions, such as essay writing competition, poem writing competition, and short story writing competition. I usually took part in poem and short story writing competition because I was not confident with writing an essay. This is not by luck I always won the poem or short story writing competition. I was very happy. 

Which one is true? Is it easy right?


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